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The percent decline in Grassland bird populations since 1970


The percent of bird populations that are increasing in size 


The amount of climate threatened bird species that are projected to lose more than 50% of their current range by 2080

67 Million

The amount of birds killed each year by pesticides and air pollution

Image by Jongsun Lee

How Can You Help

  • Windows are a major cause of bird deaths - consider using window tape during the day to keep birds from crashing into them

  • Garden with native plants to provide birds with natural food

  • Minimize the amount of plastic you use

  • Put up nest boxes or birdhouses in your backyard

  • Consider putting out a bird feeder filled with seeds or suet

  • Set up a birdbath for birds to drink and bathe in

  • Pesticides can be harmful to birds, so try to use natural alternatives or avoid using them altogether.

  • Spread the word about the importance of protecting birds and share what you've learned with others.

  • Brew a bird-friendly roast (available for purchase on this website!)

  • Donate to Sanctuary's initiatives

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